Our Farm

We are full time alpaca farmers dedicated to breeding alpacas for genetic improvement and for their unique fleece for use in our alpaca knitwear.

Located in the South Island of New Zealand on Banks Peninsula close to the picturesque historic village of Akaroa, our farm is set in craggy volcanic hills overlooking the scenic blue harbour.

Back in 2004 when we bought our first alpacas, we recognised the qualities and potential of their amazing fleece and we were soon processing our fleece into yarn for sale in specialist wool shops.

It has taken many years of dedicated breeding to attain the quality of fleece we now use for our knitwear. As our herd grew (currently over 130 alpaca) and the quality of our alpaca improved, we became more and more conscious of the unique attributes of their fleece and their effect on the quality of our knitwear.

We harvest fleece from only our best alpacas and to meet the demand for our knitwear, we also buy fleece from a selected group of alpaca breeders in New Zealand and Australia who we know have the same high breeding standards as ourselves.