Our Alpacas

The alpaca is a unique animal. Elegant, gentle, graceful, they grow one of the world’s finest and most luxurious fleeces that are prized for their beauty and warm silky softness.

Once reserved only for Peruvian Royalty alpaca fleece grows in 22 beautiful, natural earthy colours, a rare trait that sets it apart from other fibre producing animals.

The alpacas’ ancestors are found high in the remote mountains of Peru where they have adapted to the harsh climate of freezing winter nights protected by their fleece that has exceptional insulating properties.

The alpaca is a rare breed with an estimated 4 million in the world. A member of the South American Camelid family, they live for 20 years. The female is pregnant for 11 ½ months and will give birth to one cria (baby alpaca) each year. Twins are extremely rare.

Her cria are normally born during the day and are seldom born at night. Very soon after birth they are able to stand and walk.

Females are able to have cria year round. After she has been mated, we reintroduce her to the male after a period of 7 days. If she has ovulated she will spit at the male. If she spits a second time after a further 7 days has lapsed then we take this as confirmation of pregnancy.

The cria will stay with the mother for about six months after which they are weaned.

The modern day the Alpaca is now found in many parts of the world and it is increasingly recognised for its many attributes as well as its superior fleece qualities.