Our Knitwear

Natural and dye free in timeless, earthy colours, unbelievably soft and comfortable on the skin. A gift from nature with a simple honest beauty.

Only premium alpaca of 20 to 22 micron and 22 to 24 micron is used in our knitwear. Each fleece is laboratory tested to guarantee the micron and give providence to our products and to ensure a finished item that is soft, luxurious and eminently wearable.

 We also source alpaca fleece from selected alpaca breeders in New Zealand and Australia who share our dedication to breeding alpacas that produce superior quality fleece.

 Our fibre is spun and knitted in a multitude of natural colours by some of the best and experienced spinners and knitwear professionals in New Zealand. The result is luxurious garments, soft to the touch with a gentle warmth and natural luster. Our knitwear is hypoallergenic and can be worn directly on the skin.

Alpaca, easy on you, easy on our earth